Upgrading vs Repairs your iPhone or Smartphone

Upgrading versus Repairs your iPhone or Smartphone Why you want to repair your iPhone or Smartphone Many customers still question whether or not it is worth repairing a damaged iPhone. The fact remains that it is always best to get your iPhone repaired even if you intend on trading it for a newer device.

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Myths about unlocking iPhones

Myths about unlocking Verizon iPhones In the past few months we have had many customers come to us to unlock their iPhones. We do offer unlocking services and the prices vary depending on your carrier and whether its out of contract and financed. One of the more common network, Verizon Wireless have a little

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Samsung LCD Refurbishing

We now offer wholesale Samsung LCD Refurbishing Services We are now offering Samsung LCD refurbishing services to other repair shops looking to find a high-quality glass only repair solution. Many shops are still using LOCA glue to repair their screens, which causes the glue to seep behind the display, destroying softkeys, home buttons, and

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