Now Repairs iPhone 6 Plus and several other handsets

As is common in the repair industry, once a device begins to establish itself in the consumer market, the cost of replacement parts will begin to decline. We have waited several months to offer the iPhone 6 Plus screen repairs due to extremely high cost of the replacement screens. With several new vendor partnerships established we can offer repairs to the iPhone 6 Plus. Please call us or check the repair page for the latest prices. We are currently one of the only shops in the Bellevue / Redmond area offering LCD / Screen repairs on the iPhone 6 Plus. As always, all our parts come with a lifetime warranty so rest assured we use only the highest quality parts available.

We also offer LCD / Screen repairs for the OnePlus One handset. This is an amazingly priced Android handset that retail for under $300 yet share all the same features of the latest Samsung Galaxy or Nexus phones. These handsets are highly sought after and we now stock parts to repair this screen.