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One Hour Device Repair will not only fix your phone but many jobs can be completed in an hour or less. No appointments are needed, And we guarantee our quality with a lifetime warranty.

Free Diagnostics

All our repairs come with free diagnostics as well as free estimates without costly bench fees** (for most phones & tablets)

Data Transfer & Recovery

We can also help you with transferring data, data migration, or even recovering data from a device that’s damaged.

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Are you looking to upgrade your iPhone, iPad, Tablet, or Android cellphone? Contact us for a quote to buy or sell.

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We Are The CellPhone Repairs Specialist

Redmond, Issaquah and Bothell’s most affordable and fast repair of your broken Apple iPhone, iPad, Samsung Galaxy, Galaxy Note, Galaxy A Series, Motorola Moto Series, Google Pixel, Oneplus, Microsoft, Xbox, Playstation, Asus, Huawei, LG devices and almost all others.

All repairs include a free lifetime warranty covering replacement parts and installation. Don’t have a lot of time? Many of our cell phone repair services can be completed in 60 minutes or even less!

Having your device repaired instead of replaced saves you money. Call us or text us today for a fast quote on your next cell phone repair!

Repairs include a free diagnostic and battery check ensuring you get the best performance from your tablet or cell phone. We stock and sell parts for the most popular cell phones on the market.

We offer Game console repairs as well. Xbox and Playstation HDMI port repairs can be soldered at our stores with fast turn-around time.

We are also a Square Trade partner repair provider for mobile phones. Call us to learn more.

Our prices are as advertised and we do not engage in bait-and-switch like many in our industry!

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Read what our customers are saying about us:

jay smithjay smith
03:21 29 May 24
Daniel DereshDaniel Deresh
20:32 28 May 24
Tommy CulbertTommy Culbert
20:08 28 May 24
Kept it very simple. Dropped my broken phone off and they ran a diagnostic free of charge and while they were doing so the parts seemed to fix themselves, so I was not charged anything and my phone is fixed.
Eugene MullerEugene Muller
20:46 27 May 24
I walked in, no appointment necessary. Fixed my iPhone 11 screen in under one hour. 153$w/tax. Cheaper than buying a brand new iPhone.
Stephen MartinStephen Martin
01:07 27 May 24
Went in with an ipad problem and had it solved in minutes! at no charge! it was something simple, but it got me up and running. They rock!
John CramerJohn Cramer
00:35 26 May 24
I took in my old Moto to get the charging port replaced. The screen was damaged during the repair with a dime-sized white spot on the screen (it happens, phones are not designed to be repaired - I looked it up before taking the phone in and you have to use a heat gun to melt the glue on holding the screen on, then pry it off the body of the phone - I sure couldn't do it). They offered me a discount on the repair to take the phone back as-is but I requested that the screen be replaced. They did that without argument and at no extra cost to me. Parts for old phones are hard to come by. It took a long time for them to get the new screen and return the phone to me, but they did return it to me in great shape. Everyone was friendly and the repair cost exactly what they told me up front. Most importantly to me, they acted with integrity and stood by the original quoted repair cost despite the need to replace the original screen.
Samuel OrozcoSamuel Orozco
18:57 24 May 24
Very quick, very helpful. Fixed my device and returned it to original condition. Would recommend for any repairs that you need run.
Mark KlingensmithMark Klingensmith
17:04 24 May 24
Replaced the screen on our iPad. Excellent job! Thanks!
James AthanJames Athan
21:45 23 May 24
These Guys and Gals Rock! 🔥 The fixed my phone and was in and out of there in 5 minutes! Thank you! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!! ~ J
22:42 20 May 24
Alex saved me today when the touchscreen on my iPad suddenly stopped working. I had been told at 2 repair places that I needed a new screen ($300) or perhaps a whole new iPad. Alex knew exactly what to do…in 90 seconds and a few magic button pushes, she had it working again! I am so grateful! Thank you, Alex! I’ll be back the next time things go awry.
Dane JohnsonDane Johnson
00:13 13 May 24
Tammy NorrisTammy Norris
23:36 09 May 24
This place is fantastic! The shop in downtown Issaquah is the best! They quickly respond to needs and offer very helpful information and advice. I highly recommend them! Pricing is excellent. The touch screen on my phone became entirely unresponsive after I dropped it, and they were able to fix it without issue. MARVIN is especially knowledgeable and skilled, and he does amazing work!! He is quick, efficient, and considerate. Thank you for the miracle you accomplished!
Stan FinkelshteinStan Finkelshtein
23:54 04 May 24
Very good experience. I came to replace the charging port on my Pixel, and instead , in 5 min the super nice technician cleaned it up and with a smile handed it back to me, free of charge. Definitely will be back if my phone will play more tricks on me!
Charles BushmeyerCharles Bushmeyer
02:22 02 May 24
Great customer service and very reasonable prices. They were able to fix my phone while I waited. I will certainly be back!
02:02 29 Apr 24
Mackenzie SmithMackenzie Smith
18:51 26 Apr 24
RUN AWAY NOW unless you want to throw away money!!!. I worked with both Issaquah and Redmond. I've never left a bad review before but this was so bad, I had to. Things happen, but this company is ripping people off. It's a long story but, in short, 2 months with multiple fixes and then re-repairs with no ultimate success. Took my money and I have a non-working phone. They won't return my calls or chats to try to get a refund per their 'warranty' (which is a joke) and you can't e-mail them via their broken website. Beware the promises of 'I'll get back to you' (doesn't happen) or 'I'll talk to the manager' - which is just a deflection technique to get you off the phone and send you into the black hole of zero communications. No customer service and no trust in their business practices. If it was worth it, I would take them to small claims just to make a point. Don't keep these people in business - go somewhere else!!!!
Frank CurtissFrank Curtiss
05:30 23 Apr 24
I've used these guys a few times over the years with consistently positive results. Today I went here and they took care of a minor problem and didn't even charge me. I have always found their prices reasonable and their service timely.
22:54 15 Apr 24
Fast, convenient, reliable. Used multiple times and recommend. All the prices available upfront on their web site.
Lindsay HowellLindsay Howell
00:04 14 Apr 24
Worst place ever changed way mor then told and they also steal your things
Sean KelloggSean Kellogg
21:38 06 Apr 24
This team is great. Best option on the East Side for phone repairs.
Sara DukeSara Duke
21:57 05 Apr 24
Incredibly proficient, kind, friendly service. Great people work here!
Tania RamosTania Ramos
17:32 05 Apr 24
sudhir vsudhir v
23:38 01 Apr 24
I went in because the screen on my one plus came off though the phone was still working. They glued it together like i requested right away and didn't even charge me. Phone is back to normal now. Thanks guys.
D. Eric StephenD. Eric Stephen
20:38 23 Mar 24
I had expected 5 days. 3 was leave em beamin happy customer - two devices and under my projected budget as well.
Yariv BroshYariv Brosh
23:54 14 Mar 24
Really great service. The place is quick, efficient and with a smile!
Billy AlloccaBilly Allocca
19:38 01 Mar 24
Professional, quick, good prices! Very nice. If you need a few things done they’ll give you a discount for bundling. Would recommend!!
Dan McFaddenDan McFadden
19:14 18 Feb 24
They are the best. Broken hard drive. Repaired affordably and back to me the next day. Beats Genius all to hell!
Nayna ShethNayna Sheth
20:17 17 Feb 24
My wireless mouse and next time keyboard had stopped working, and it was very important to me to get it back working, as I was used to that mouse and keyboard set and it was out of stock. The One Hour Device Repair shop in Redmond was able to fix it!!! Yay!! Their customer service was also great!!
Julie KwonJulie Kwon
00:30 10 Feb 24
My galaxy flip3 cover screen was not turning on. they were very swift and straight forward. did a free diagnostic and found that the front cover screen was simply unplugged! super quick service (came back around 50 minutes later). and it was completely free because diagnostics are free. 5 stars!!!
Olga MarkinaOlga Markina
01:06 06 Feb 24
Cannot say thank you enough for your help!Stopped by to figure out why my laptop won’t turn on and it was fixed within minutes.Highly recommend!
Riddhiman DasguptaRiddhiman Dasgupta
02:19 05 Feb 24
Jen LebidJen Lebid
17:33 04 Feb 24
Used the texting app to get a quote. I had to keep following up for a response. After waiting 6 hours and having to send 3 follow ups to get a reply I finally got an answer and it would be the same price just for a new phone.
Swati ShastriSwati Shastri
15:14 30 Jan 24
It's a good store but repairs are expensive. My Samsung s23 cost 450$
Nafis SadatNafis Sadat
16:37 26 Jan 24
They have micro soldering experts here and they fixed my OLED Switch super fast. Good service
Chuy GonzalesChuy Gonzales
03:09 26 Jan 24
Ian is the BEST! Saved my life! Totally recommend!
Jim LyonJim Lyon
20:03 17 Jan 24
I have a laptop whose battery would no longer charge. I stopped in one day, and waited 5 minutes while they opened the laptop and got the pay number off the battery. They gave me the laptop back to use (plugged in) while they ordered a battery.There battery came in the very next day. I stopped by, and they replaced the battery in less than 30 minutes.Extremely easy, no pain. Great service!
Arzu ForoughArzu Forough
04:25 15 Jan 24
Our "go to" trusted iPhone repair! Life happens and we need iPhone repairs OFTEN! This place does NOT disappoint! Excellent repair, excellent price, friendly staff and competent repairs. What more can we possibly ask for? Hmmm, the brownies on their counter looked amazing! Naaa, I couldn't ask for a bite of the brownie, or could I?
Chris BeanChris Bean
04:39 03 Jan 24
1 hour device repair has been a great resource for my family for years. They do a great job. They're always very helpful.
Kari ReynoldsKari Reynolds
18:58 30 Dec 23
So knowledgeable and friendly!!
Gretchen BriscoeGretchen Briscoe
19:26 27 Dec 23
Great customer service!
Maddy DavisMaddy Davis
05:05 11 Dec 23
The Bothell and Redmond locations did everything they could to help me out. Even though my phone was too far gone, they went above and beyond with trying to fix/diagnose the problem for me and even refunded me when it turned out I had to get a new phone. Ben from Bothell and Ian from Redmond were extremely attentive and deserve the praise/tips! Extremely nice staff, I will be going back for any future tech problems. 10/10 service
Rigerio FerreiraRigerio Ferreira
20:14 20 Nov 23
Keith GKeith G
02:42 19 Nov 23
Highly Technically advanced staff. Very good customer service with quality work. Alex is wonderful.
Steven JacksonSteven Jackson
02:39 19 Nov 23
I genuinely love this shop. They have the best technical employees with such great skills. You will never regret going there. We are thankful we have such nice repair shop in Redmond. Alex is an asset for this shop. Her work is absolutely amazing.
Virginia De la VacaVirginia De la Vaca
01:49 15 Nov 23
Language barriers, and largely staffed by kids who don't know what they're doing...$$$$$
Tawnya StepperTawnya Stepper
18:22 14 Nov 23
Murphy here. These guys fixed my work phone quick and easy for a galaxy s10. Not much fancy I have but it's my work phone and they were able to get it up and running again. Was also pretty much last minute before they closed doors for the night, they were also attentive too the proper screen that needed to be put back in the phone because I've had it fixed at another shop but they put the wrong factory screen in which I knew but they clarified it. I respect them highly. Thank you again
Zazel WuZazel Wu
22:50 11 Nov 23
Poor Customer Service...Habitual Lies From All Staff Members...Owner Didn't Care Nor Resolve The Issues...My Cell Phone Stayed With Them For Over 2 Weeks and They Still Did Not Fully Repair It - $400 Later...Every Service Here Take Much Longer Than An Hour!Loser Company!
09:17 05 Nov 23
This place was really helpful we needed a phone case asap thats durable and has a good price for an iPhone 11 no place had any we called one hour device and they came in clutch with a good price and a good case. I recommend fr
Steven WassonSteven Wasson
15:00 27 Oct 23
Stopped by with an iPhone that suffered salt water damage. The tech opened up the phone and connected a new screen. She found it worked but the water had gotten into the sim port and the transceiver which was beyond repair. She was able to update my iCloud backup so I could transfer data to a new phone. Thanks!!
20:52 24 Oct 23
Walked in and they replaced my iPhone 11 screen in 10 minutes, I’m so amazed.Ask for Alex, she is awesome!
Tipur MadaanTipur Madaan
01:47 22 Oct 23
I have this customised iPhone XR which most of repair shops in Lynwood denied to work upon as it was something they don’t know. Or most of the shops were charging 60$ for just labour (opening the phone etc).One hour people told me on phone they will evaluate it for free and if it does not need replacement ,they will not charge me anything.The girl named Alex fixed it within 25 mins, the power button was not working and she told me that it was loose screw inside.She did not charged me even a single penny.Thank you one hour people , you guys are awesome. You made my day.
becas axiebecas axie
18:43 21 Oct 23
The best in repair cellphone
Jeff MobleyJeff Mobley
00:01 19 Oct 23
One of the best experience's I have had recently. Knowledgeable, fast, and very affordable. I will defiantly do business with them again. 1 less item being recycled!
Durga Prasad JandhyalaDurga Prasad Jandhyala
02:16 13 Oct 23
Worst experience ever. My iPhone back glass was broken and I gave it in this store to replace with a new one. They took a week to replace and as you can see from the photos it is pathetic. It's the worst repair one can do. Gaps in the fixture, paint scratched off the corners.Even more worse is the customer service. When I asked about it, they said, it's expected. They didn't even tell me when they took the phone that this is how it's going to look like. And the store employee carelessly said "What do you want me to do about it?". I asked him to suggest what to do and he said "I don't know". I asked for a refund and he said that he is not authorized to do that, which is reasonable and he told me to call the store the next day and talk to his manager. I asked him, when should I give a call to talk to his manager and he said "I don't know when he'll be available". What is the expectation here? I keep calling them every few hours till the manager is available? When I asked the same question he said "I don't know".He was so reckless in his response.And to support him there was another lady (customer) behind me supporting that guy and telling me that damage was already done and he can't do anything and why am I complaining. I don't even know why she interfered and kept on talking. They billed me around roughly $100 for this. It's not just about money, my phone is looking pathetic now and I expect the employees to treat customers with respect and provide good customer service. Worst experience ever!!!!!
Holly ReganHolly Regan
13:52 09 Oct 23
My friend needed help transferring info to a new phone, which she did unenthusiastically!!
Cory HigginsCory Higgins
08:40 06 Oct 23
navneet pahwanavneet pahwa
03:00 01 Oct 23
I love this workshop. Amazing staff and good customer service. They are not greedy for money rather their motto is Best customer service. Alex is very nice. Thank you Alex for helping me with IPad Air 2. I greatly appreciate your work and your contribution.
Melanie AndersonMelanie Anderson
23:06 28 Sep 23
The folks at One Hour Device Repair in Redmond are extremely friendly, professional and knowledgeable about various device problems. I've been back to them a few times and they've been very helpful at diagnosing the issue. They will be my first choice for future problems!
Zandra Galindo-NavarroZandra Galindo-Navarro
14:22 26 Sep 23
They are fast and diligent.
vikas kumar choudharyvikas kumar choudhary
21:15 25 Sep 23
Awesome place with great service and friendly staff to get your mobile problem fixed. She did not even charge anything for her dedicated work of more than 30 min. She said that they do not charge for inspection.My pixel6 got into water and after that it was not able to switch on. I was able to see the charging on display when I put the charging cable. But as soon as I switch on, it auto switched off.I went to the shop. She said that water problem cant be fixed still she said she can look into it and said come back after 30 mins. Once we came back, the mobile was working.From next time, any mobile related issues, I know where I have go without any second thoughts.
Liana TucarLiana Tucar
18:52 20 Sep 23
Super fast quality service!!!
Casey BlairCasey Blair
02:21 19 Sep 23
I had a problem with my SIM card, my phone couldn't connect to 5G, and the sound had stopped working, and she had both fixed in half an hour. I know they're called "one hour" repair, but I really wasn't expecting that! I'm amazed and delighted. All the stars!
Small compacted chill space with a two seater couch. The front desk kid is very friendly. Alex was extremely knowledgeable and helpful when it comes to various (silly) questions. The team seems like they're cool with each other. I waited there for 45mins and they were able to diagnosis the issue with my soaked phone. Sadly everything was eroded, but they were friendly and helpful with the entire process. If you ever decide to recover any data from a phone, your starting price would be at least $129, so good luck :)
mike cliffordmike clifford
04:16 14 Aug 23
Great staff. Honest and friendly
Robert LockwoodRobert Lockwood
04:32 12 Aug 23
Dropped my iPhone 12, cracked the bottom off the otterbox, couldn't plug in to charge any more. Thought I was in for a hefty repair or replacement. But after a quick and free diagnostic, turned out it just needed to be cleaned and I was back in business -- thanks for fast & friendly service!
Hanat SamatarHanat Samatar
19:04 08 Aug 23
Great Service - My IPhone stopped working after an international trip and they got it back up and running in a matter of minutes
Issa TenkiangIssa Tenkiang
13:05 08 Aug 23
Dropped my phone off for repair. They ordered all the necessary parts , even went as far as ordering me a new S pen. Good service.
Armel TenkiangArmel Tenkiang
05:11 05 Aug 23
Left my device for repair. It was well taken care of. More importanly it was fixed and looks brand new.Friendly staff.
mukesh jaiswalmukesh jaiswal
21:34 04 Aug 23
Best place for repair. Friendly staff.
Anmol ShahAnmol Shah
21:41 30 Jul 23
My phone kept on dying for unknown reason and i went to ask help with the experts here. Alex was really sweet and got my phone back up the first time. Something was wrong with the hardware though and the phone died again and Alex really tried hard to get my data to atleast get backed up. Unfortunately the phone refused to work for us and i couldnt back up most of my data but i am very grateful for Alex and her colleague to try and help me out. They really understand your problem and are very helpful. They were very gracious and didnt charge me as they didnt replace any parts. They easily spend 5-6 hours on the phone trying to get it back up. I highly recommend this place for any repairs for your phones or laptops.
David AamodtDavid Aamodt
15:49 17 Jun 23
If I could give you a six star review I would. Once again One Hour Device Repair assisted me with something Verizon said that they themselves could not do. Then by driving up the street to One Hour Device Repair in Redmond, they immediately finished the job that Verizon would not do...but could have done. It took O.H.D.R. just minutes to finish my job...then they offered to do it for FREE when I asked them, "How much do I owe you?" No business should work for free, especially when the customer is being provide A grade customer service. If you own a cell phone, and who doesn't...know that you can always turn to One Hour Device Repair for Customer Service that is above and beyond.(David Aamodt-Redmond).
Jennifer SommerJennifer Sommer
01:33 21 May 23
I took my father’s iPhones in to get a factory restore as he passed and had put codes on the phones. They reset the phones really quickly. I 100% recommend them and will be coming for all my repairs/issues. Thank you!!
Andrew HoptAndrew Hopt
22:05 16 May 23
My LG G8 battery was dying. Randomly losing 30-60% charge on restart, sometimes randomly shutting down and claiming 0% a few seconds after I took it off the charge cable.I went to OHDR and explained ("it's going to die right after I take it off life support") and they ordered a new battery shipped within 3-5 business days.They signed me up for free updates over text message and email, so I knew when they ordered, when it arrived, when I could come in, etcI handed off my G8 to the lady at the counter, it was ready within an hour, it's worked perfectly ever since. This review is about a week after.
navjot singhnavjot singh
18:34 04 May 23
They are the best. I had water damage. Phone was saved from water damage I needed a new screen but I was provided an old cracked screen to help take the backup.
Shiva PrathipatiShiva Prathipati
22:48 29 Apr 23
Got my laptop’s battery replaced. Technician was very resourceful dealing with a stripped screw I created when opening the back panel of the laptop. Very fast service. Would definitely recommend for any device repairs.
Kristy BowenKristy Bowen
11:33 16 Apr 23
Great service for great prices! Super accessible area. I highly recommend if you need anything fixed.
01:05 26 Mar 23
These guys are amazing . I had done service with them 2 times . First time I broke my glass for my iPhone 10. They fixed it 30min . Recently my iphone13 won’t boot up . They said i might need a battery change Which might take 1-2hrs . They checked everything when I went to pick it up , they didn’t charge me anything . They had opened and realigned the part and it worked . They must have spent 30min -1hr diagnosing thing but were gracious to not charge me anything since they didn’t replace any parts . I greatly appreciate their customer support and their professionalism . Will definitely recommend them for anyone looking for a mobile phone repair .
Mike BrownMike Brown
20:58 16 Mar 23
Super friendly, wonderful people. I've taken two phones to him that I thought needed to be repaired was just by fault for had them on the wrong settings. They didn't even charge me. Highly recommend
Gordon ChurchGordon Church
20:50 19 Feb 23
Great people; family owned and run. My phone had forgotten my PIN (same PIN I'd used since I got the phone) and I was down to my last attempt before it would automatically do a factory reset. Lots of data on the phone that wasn't backed up - largely my bad, but also things that wouldn't be automatically backed up. I had talked to the maker and the carrier - no joy, and their only suggestion was to try a repair shop. Carrier store recommended One Hour, so there I was.The very pleasant woman behind the counter listened to my tale of woe - "let me see what I can do". They weren't lacking for business while I was there, but no "come back in an hour", or "…tomorrow".She worked at it for most of an hour, occasionally interrupted for other business, obviously tried every avenue she knew to access the phone, but couldn't crack it."Sorry…", and didn't charge anything for her time (which I felt guilty about later after I left).With any luck I won't need their services in the future, but if something goes wrong I know where I'll take my phone!
Tiki TongaTiki Tonga
19:46 16 Feb 23
Like many before me, my son shattered his screen. I am a local small business owner myself and had passed by the shop many times. I had a great experience with getting the phone repaired quickly and cost effectively. Highly recommend!
Ann Mari GantenbeinAnn Mari Gantenbein
06:51 05 Feb 23
So my 3rd time in couple years. It’s cheaper than using your warranty with your provider. Also very quick here, 1 hour is really true. It was $99 plus tax re-screen my iPhone. This is the one place where the cost went down. Also follow them and you’ll get $5 off any service!
Furqan RazaFurqan Raza
21:53 25 Jan 23
I had a great experience! Professional and friendly staff. My work order completed on time and at a reasonable cost. There is a very limited parking next to the shop but plenty available nearby. I definitely recommend others to visit them for any phone repair issue.Thanks!
David McInnisDavid McInnis
22:21 21 Nov 22
EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!Mailed my device in and had repaired super quick. They communicated perfectly with updates via email and text.Easy to pay bill and device was sent immediately back to me once complete with tracking number. Packaged beautifully.Highly recommend their services.
Nikolia HelfmanNikolia Helfman
19:11 26 Sep 22
My son's galaxy tab had a ear phone plug part stuck and we were not able to get it out. Visited One Hr device repair and the lady told us to leave it with her for an hour. When we returned she was able to get the plug part out with her tool. Thank you so much!!! You're so very kind.
Stacy BowkerStacy Bowker
16:30 03 Sep 22
I took my son’s phone there when the power button was stuck due to the metal casing being bent after dropping it. Not only did they fix it for me, but they did not charge due to causing some scratches in the case when they had to grind out some metal to make the repair. I was fully prepared to pay and not concerned about the cosmetic appearance. I will definitely be going back for any future device repair needs. They are honest and professional and good at what they do!!
Ali DavisAli Davis
03:02 31 Aug 22
Super fast, fair service. They were wicked nice and I didn't feel like they were ripping me off. We will for sure use them again when the teenager...teenagers.
17:47 24 Aug 22
Although I didn’t end up needing replacement for my initial issue - I want to leave a review to share how wonderful my experience was. The folks working today were so kind, knowledgeable and respectful. They went above and beyond to make sure a customer got the right replacement in time and were so kind about the interpretation needed. For my issue, they checked all the details needed and provided me with the best outcome for me financially, even at the cost of not getting the replacement here. I’m so grateful for their integrity. When I do need their support again, I’ll come back! Thank you!
Brooke FergusonBrooke Ferguson
03:45 21 Aug 22
I came in with a seemingly impossible fix. I had spent HOURS at Verizon trying to get some very special text messages from my Father transferred from my very old phone to my new phone, and NO ONE could do it. The whole crew at Verizon made valiant attempts, other phone repair shops were booked out for at least a week, and the Geek Squad would not even make an attempt.But Alex is a CHAMPION. She is 100% my hero, and I am truly grateful to her for getting the job done. I am recommending One Hour Device Repair to EVERYONE, thanks again!!!!
Alexandra FranceAlexandra France
00:17 14 Aug 22
on 8/9 I sent a pair of gentlemen down to the Redmond store to get one of their phones fixed. I am so thoroughly pleased with how the service went! The technicians took really good care of my friends, who are easily confused. This establishment had the parts on hand and were quick. I really appreciate their service and will be recommending their establishment for anyone I hear who needs work on their devices.
sue cartersue carter
21:35 01 Aug 22
This is the only place I will ever take my phones I have been going here for yrs. Trust them completely-especially Shane. Have referred lots of customers to them to them and will continue to do so! Convenient hrs. I bus from Kirkland-so worth it!
Matt PetersonMatt Peterson
00:49 05 Jul 22
If you’re anything like me it can be hard to choose an independent repair location to service your devices. You generally tend to read the worst reviews of any location first and bite your fingernails over things like price, privacy, and quality.Today I had cracked my brand-new iPhone 11 screen I *just* had repaired for digitizer issues from Apple for $200. I was rightfully devastated and considered shelling out the $200 and heading back to Apple again. Luckily, this place was open on the 4th of July and although the clerk who was there today was clearly busy, he assured me he could have it done for much cheaper than Apple.Aside from a very small delay (20 minutes) that occurred from a previous customer’s repair, it was extremely professional, prompt, and most importantly, functional. It’s only been a short while since I picked up the phone but I’m extremely satisfied with the service and the price I paid for it. I would 100% recommend this place to anyone who needs their repairs done cost-efficient and expedient.To the guy who repaired my phone— thanks so much. You were a real lifesaver and I hope you have a wonderful rest of your holiday.
Jake KnothJake Knoth
22:25 25 Jun 22
Literally an hour! Under an hour, even. Fit me in right at the end of the day and had my iPhone XR working flawlessly after I shattered the screen.Great service and fair price! Would recommend.
Ryan LayesRyan Layes
19:18 09 Jun 22
Cory was able to transfer the bios flash chip from a hard drive PCB I fried to a new PCB in a matter of minutes. Now my drive works again! Recommend these guys for any odd one off soldering jobs in the Redmond area.
Kilgore TroutKilgore Trout
23:36 16 Apr 22
Initially I was pleased with the screen repair they did for about $200. However, after 2 weeks the new screen had vertical lines. One would assume this would fall under warranty. I was informed no, that the screen was damaged. The screen was not damaged though. There was not a crack nor any impact that occurred. I could understand if I showed up with a screen that had a large crack in it, that would not be covered. But with a screen that clearly was not externally damaged one would expect it to be covered. Update: After talking with the owner who reached out after my post, it was determined that a mistake was made, and the display should have been covered and they are now repairing it.
Oni Shogun XIIIOni Shogun XIII
21:32 14 Mar 22
The place is amazing and Alex was the Hero of the day if not week or month! She got my screen replacement done in about 30mins even with it being a extra difficult curved cellphone screen of a galaxy note10+. This was great and I highly recommend them for any device repair with getting that done and so quick....ABSOLUTELY A GREAT VALUE!!!

Why Choose Us?

We are the Eastside’s and Seattle’s most reliable and fast cellphone repair company. All repairs include a free lifetime warranty covering replacement parts and labor. Many of our cell phone repair services can be completed in 60 minutes or even less!

Advanced Level 3 Micro-solder repairs available with an ability to repair many damaged logic and motherboards.

All repairs include a free diagnostic and battery check ensuring you get the best performance from your tablet or cellphone. We stock parts for the many popular cell phones on the market like Apple iPhone, iPad, Samsung Galaxy, Samsung Galaxy Note, Motorola Moto Series, LG Nexus, Oneplus, HTC, Huawei, Essential and more.

Cellphone Repair Service In 3 Convenient Eastside Locations: Redmond, Bothell and Issaquah

  • Customer Satisfaction is Our Priority
  • Fastest Repairs Service in Town
  • 100% Free Diagnostics
  • Professional

  • Experienced Staff
  • Lifetime Warranty

  • Latest Equipment
  • Locally owned and operated since 2014

Our Stores

hours: Mon – Sat 10-8 Sun 11-6
7867 Leary Way NE Redmond, WA 98052

hours: Mon – Sat 10-8 Sun 11-6
70 E. Sunset Way, Issaquah, WA 98027

hours: Mon – Sat 10-8 Sun 11-6
1715 228th St SE #103, Bothell, WA 98021

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