Can you fix my phone or tablet and is it worth it?2022-09-10T07:25:40-07:00

Yes we can repair most phones and tablets. Repairs are definitely cost-effective as new flagships phones can cost upwards of $1200.00

I dropped my device in water can you fix it ?2022-09-10T07:26:10-07:00

We can repair some water damaged devices, but our primary purpose is to help you recover you data. Water damaged devices face issues of micro-corrosion which is difficult to mitigate.

Do you take appointments?2022-09-10T07:26:49-07:00

No appointments are needed. We do all our repairs on a walk-in basis

Do we clean charging ports?2022-09-10T07:27:48-07:00

Yes we do, it’s a free service we offer in most cases

Do you offer a warranty on your repairs ?2022-09-10T07:28:19-07:00

We offer lifetime warranty against defects, this does not include accidental damage however

Can we bring parts ourselves for you to repair our phone ?2022-09-10T07:30:31-07:00

Unfortunately, we don’t usually allow customer supplied parts as we can’t offer a warranty.

Do we use OEM Parts ?2022-09-10T07:28:39-07:00

Yes in many cases we do offer OEM parts, however aftermarket parts are more readily available and generally have same quality as OEM. We also back all our parts with lifetime warranty

Do you buy used devices?2022-09-10T07:31:57-07:00

Yes, we do! Bring your device in for a free evaluation.

Do you accept E-Waste?2022-09-10T07:31:35-07:00

We offer free electronic recycling of small devices that fit in our recycling bins. Larger items can be taken for free to RE-PC or Best Buy.

How do we find your stores ?2022-09-10T07:31:17-07:00

Please visit our stores page to find google directions and phone numbers

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