It can be an overwhelming decision of whether to take your smartphone to the big chain repair store or a local mobile repair service for fixing. Here’s why a local repair service in Bothell, Redmond, and Issaquah, WA, like One Hour Device Repair, could offer great advantages:

Personal Service

Tailored Solutions to Meet Your Needs

There’s also the aspect of personalized service that local shops provide, which big chains will rarely ever match. At One Hour Device Repair, we listen to all of your specific problems and make note of any preferences to ensure that you are able to get just what you need.

Quick Turn

Done in Under an Hour

One of the benefits is better speed in offering the services locally. With One Hour Device Repair, most repairs are done in about an hour, which is obviously faster than the other big chains where days or weeks might elapse.

No Appointment Needed

At it’s Best Convenience

The other amazing benefit of choosing One Hour Device Repair is the convenience of walking in without an appointment. This flexibility really allows you to get things fixed on your own schedule rather than planning ahead.

Competitive Pricing

Affordable High-Quality Repairs

Small shops are less expensive compared to big chains. Since it is a locally owned small business with a bit less price and overhead, One Hour Device Repair gets you good prices with excellent value for money.

Knowledge and Experience

Competent Technicians for Dependable Repairs

Local repair shops usually consist of very skilled and experienced technicians. The crew at One Hour Device Repair consists of people with experience and skills in working on most of the issues a mobile phone may have, thereby guaranteeing you a repaired device the first time.

Community Support

Investing in Your Local Economy

Going local for repair services also benefits the community. You do support local businesses like One Hour Device Repair, which develops the local economy and provides employment to locals. So, when you do choose them, you’re actually investing in your very own community.

Dependable Warranties

Rest Easy with Each Service

Local repair shops often warranty their repairs, so a person has peace of mind to some degree. One Hour Device Repair stands behind our work with a solid warranty, meaning if anything does go wrong after the repair, you’re covered.

Direct Communication

Interact Directly with Your Technician

When you go to the big chain, lots of the time, you cannot directly go in and talk to the technician who is servicing your equipment. This kind of direct communication can be had with local shops like One Hour Device Repair—not big chains—where you can ask questions and receive immediate feedback about your repair.


There is a place for chains, but the advantages of going with a local mobile repair service, like One Hour Device Repair, are clear. Personalized service, fast turnaround time; no need for an appointment; competitive prices; skilled technicians; community supporters; dependable warranty; and direct communication give a much superior and better satisfying repair experience through the local shops.

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