The iPhone 12’s camera system is a marvel of modern technology, capturing stunning photos and videos. But what happens if you accidentally drop your phone and crack the camera lens? Fear not; contact One Hour Device Repair; we replace a cracked iPhone 12 rear camera lens if possible. We can restore your phone’s photography prowess without needing a new device. 

Signs You Need a Camera Lens Replacement

 A cracked camera lens isn’t just an aesthetic issue. Here’s how it can affect your iPhone 12:

Blurry or Hazy Photos: Cracks can distort incoming light, resulting in blurry or hazy photos. 

Visible Scratches: Scratches can introduce unwanted artifacts and light flares into your pictures. 

Dust Infiltration: Cracks can leave openings for the dust to enter, potentially damaging the internal camera components. 

Why Replace a Cracked Lens? 

A cracked camera lens isn’t just an eyesore; it can significantly impact your photos. Cracks can cause unwanted light flares, blurry images, and even dust or moisture infiltration, damaging the internal camera components. Replacing the lens ensures your photos stay sharp and clear, protecting your phone’s delicate camera system. 

DIY or Seek Professional Help? 

While replacing the Apple  iPhone 12 camera lens yourself is tempting, it’s a delicate procedure. The process involves disassembling the phone, using specialized tools, and meticulously handling tiny components. Even a minor misstep can lead to further damage. Contact us for Professional repair service.

Benefits of Professional Camera Lens Replacement Service 

Here’s why seeking professional help from a trusted repair service like One Hour Device Repair is the smarter choice:

Expertise: Trained technicians have the experience and knowledge to handle the repair efficiently and safely. 

Quality Parts: Professionals use high-quality replacement lenses that ensure optimal camera performance. 

Warranty: Many repair services offer warranties on their work and provide peace of mind. 

Time-Saving: Skip the hassle of researching tools and procedures. You get your phone fixed quickly by the pros. 

One Hour Device Repair: One-Stop Shop for iPhone12 Camera Lens Replacement

We understand the importance of capturing those perfect moments. Our skilled technicians can repair or replace your cracked iPhone 12 camera lens with precision and care. Once again, our technician is ensuring your photos are crystal clear. We provide all Apple iPhone repair services.

Here’s what sets One Hour Device Repair apart: 

  • Fast and Reliable Service: Get your phone back in working order quickly, often within the same day. 
  • Competitive Prices: We offer affordable repair solutions without compromising on quality. 
  • Convenient Locations: Find One Hour Device Repair locations near you for a hassle-free repair experience.

iPhone 12 Rear Camera Lens Replacement Cost

The iPhone 12 rear camera lens replacement price at One Hour Device Repair is competitive and transparent. We provide an upfront quote based on the extent of the damage and the parts needed. Typically, the cost is a fraction of what you might pay for a full phone replacement, making it a cost-effective solution. 

Warranty and Service Guarantee 

One Hour Device Repair stands by our work. OHDR offers a warranty on our iPhone 12 rear camera lens replacement service. If you encounter any issues with the replaced lens within the warranty period, they will address them at no additional cost. This guarantee ensures that you receive a high-quality repair that lasts. 

How to Book a Repair with One Hour Device Repair

Don’t let a cracked camera lens ruin your photography game. Visit the OHDR Location today Or contact us via mail or Call. You get your iPhone 12 camera lens replaced by the experts. We’ll have you capturing stunning photos again in no time.


When your iPhone 12 rear camera lens gets damaged, it doesn’t mean the end of capturing stunning photos. One Hour Device Repair provides a reliable, professional solution to restore your phone’s camera to its original glory. Trusting experts with your iPhone ensures you can continue enjoying all its features without compromise. 


Q: How long does an iPhone 12 rear camera lens replacement take? 

Ans: Typically, the replacement process at One Hour Device Repair takes about 1-2 hours, depending on the extent of the damage. 

Q: Will my phone’s data be safe during the repair? 

Ans: Yes, One Hour Device Repair ensures your data is secure and remains untouched during the repair process. 

Q: Can I use my phone immediately after the lens replacement? 

Yes, you can use your phone immediately once the repair is completed. The new lens will function just like the original.

Q: What if my camera still doesn’t work after the replacement? 

If you experience any issues after the replacement, One Hour Device Repair offers a warranty and will fix any problems at no additional cost. 

Q: Is the replacement lens as good as the original? 

Ans: One Hour Device Repair uses high-quality replacement parts that match the original specifications, ensuring optimal performance.