Overview of SSD Data Recovery

Solid State Drives (SSDs) are widely chosen for data storage because of their speed and reliability. But remember, just like any other electronic device SSDs can fail, resulting in loss of data. SSD data recovery is the way you get back all those files you lost when your SSD failed to function properly— lost forever or until a professional intervention!

Importance of SSD Data Recovery

Data loss can really be a great setback, whether it’s about your personal memories or business documents or those project files that were being worked on critically. The significance of SSD data recovery is that it can bring back to life the information that is highly valuable and has been lost once — forever lost. During the provision of professional data recovery services, this area should be treated with special attention so as not to multiply cases of permanent data loss.

Introduction to One Hour Device Repair

One Hour Device Repair is a well-known establishment that deals with repair of devices and recovery of data. They can be found in Bothell, Redmond, and Issaquah. The high-speed and trustworthy service allows their clients to easily get back the lost data through solid state drive (SSD) data recovery services.

What is SSD Data Recovery?

The recovery of data from SSD refers to the process of getting back data after it has been damaged or cannot be accessed any more in the normal way from the SSD. This method involves some particular tools and methodologies since SSDs are not like common HDDs due to their very different structure and method of operation.

SSD Data Recovery Process at One Hour Device Repair

Initial Consultation and Assessment

Data recovery starts off with the initial consultation and assessment. It is during this stage that technicians analyze the SSD to know how much damage has been done and whether data recovery can be done or not.

Diagnosis and Plan Development

The recovery plan is made based on the assessment and diagnosis, which in turn provides a guideline on how to recover the data along with an estimation of the time as well as cost.

Data Recovery Execution

Data recovery is not a simple matter: it is, in fact, the use of specific tools and techniques that are effective in getting the data from a damaged SSD. This can involve addressing firmware repair matters and components that have been physically destroyed through low-level handling of the disk to get the lost data back using high-end software.

Post-Recovery Support

When the data is already successfully retrieved, One Hour Device Repair goes ahead to offer post-recovery support for clients to assist in restoration of the data into a new device plus recommendations on how to avoid future loss.

One Hour Device repair provide those Types of SSDs Recovery Service


Solid State Drives with SATA interface are the most frequently used on laptops and desktops. One Hour Device Repair is well-equipped to provide efficient data recovery service for such storage devices.


The NVMe SSDs provide more velocity than SATA SSDs and can be typically discovered in high-performance personal computers. The specialists at One Hour Device Repair have the knowledge to rescue data from such state-of-the-art drives.


PCIe SSDs are deployed in consumer as well as enterprise settings due to high-speed data transfer capabilities. One Hour Device Repair can retrieve data from PCIe SSDs no matter how complex they might be.

mSATA and M.2 SSDs

mSATA and M.2 SSDs are small, compact drives typically found in ultrabooks and other portable devices due to their size. Because of this small size it is not possible to easily recover data with the standard techniques plus tools but One Hour Device Repair has such specialized tools.

Frequently Asked Questions about SSD Data Recovery

Areas Served: Bothell, Redmond, Issaquah

Strategically located, One Hour Device Repair provides convenient and accessible services to these communities.

How much does SSD data recovery cost?

SSD data recovery cost at One Hour Device Repair depends on the extent of the damage and what methods must be used to retrieve it. They lay out their pricing for clients in a clear way, along with consultations so customers can have full knowledge of what the process involves and how much it will cost them.

Is it possible to recover data from a physically damaged SSD?

yes, One Hour Device Repair is highly skilled in data retrieval from physically damaged SSDs. With advanced methodologies and clean room resources, they can typically get information even from severely damaged drives.

What should I do if my SSD fails?

In case your SSD fails or shows signs of failure, the first thing to do is cease using the drive to avoid exacerbating the situation. Reach out to One Hour Device Repair for an analysis and evaluation to come up with an optimal plan for data recovery.


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